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Pulling Order Details Via Command

This command can only be used with ezCater orders

There will be times when we need to know the specific details of an order which may not be in the pickup or delivery task. For example:

  • A driver can ask for an order’s item list to be sure that they are prepared and have the proper equipment for an order, or to confirm they have the correct order at a CP.  *
  • We can also pull order details to confirm food subtotal and tip if there is an issue with the delivery task and the information needs to be manually updated.
  • If we are having difficulty locating an order in the dashboard, using the details command is a quick way to confirm the date of the order so that we can confirm we are looking with the correct information.

The details command is run in the #command_channel in Slack, and will populate a response with all of the information in the thread.  

*The information should be condensed and separated before sending to a driver as the unformatted response can be difficult to read through and contains additional details that are not applicable for driver needs.

Running the Command and Sorting Information

  • Initiate the command by entering “/details” in the message field of the #command_channel in Slack and select the command the populated dropdown.
  • Paste the Order ID beside the command title and send to process.  In the Frederick reply you will see all of the available information for that particular order including item names/counts, Food Subtotal, Tip provided by customer (if applicable), pickup and delivery location and scheduled times.
  • Before sending this information to the driver make sure to remove anything that is not pertinent to their question or need, and remove extraneous formatting (brackets, quotation marks etc.,).  
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