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Returning a Driver to Their Team With the Set Agent Available Command

If a driver messages in that they are ready to receive orders but they are currently listed as unavailable they can be moved back to an available team. This command should only be run by a DSC with access to driver records in Hubspot.  Before using this command we need to check that the driver is in fact eligible to return to the delivery pool.

  • A driver currently marked unavailable will not show up in your dashboard search.  You can search the driver name in Slack and see when they were marked unavailable in the command channel to confirm.
    • Check for any threads that may have been posted explaining WHY the driver was marked unavailable.
  • If you search the driver name in Tookan, and their status is Blocked, this is NOT the same as unavailable.  Blocked means that the driver has been removed from the platform permanently and we need to put in a contact form for followup with an Onboarding/Retainment Specialist.

Deploying the Command

  • In the #command_channel in Slack, initiate the command by typing “/set” in the message field and selecting the set _agent_available command
  • Next, paste the driver name exactly as it appears in their profile (including all names if multiple) and send
  • Wait for the Fredrick response to let you know that the driver is successfully moved to their team.
    • If response is not received double check the formatting of the command for any spacing and/or spelling errors
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