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Adding Wait Time Compensation to a Task via Command

Command Overview



Wait Time Parameters

We can bill for wait time and compensate drivers that are waiting for an order to be prepared starting 15 minutes after the pickup time.  Drivers earn $0.25 per minute for each minute over 15 that they are waiting.

Be sure to check the pickup history- if the driver is delayed reaching the pickup location., wait time starts billing 15 minutes after the arrival time (reached status in the history).

Deploying the Command

  • In the message field in the channel type “/wait” and select the command from the populated dropdown list

  • The proper formatting for the command is “/wait OrderID, total number of minutes waited”
  • Send the message to deploy the command and wait for the response from Frederick to confirm.

  • A successful command will show the amount added along with the order ID and you will see the driver’s earnings updated in the delivery task in the app
  • If a command has already been run for this order ID you will receive the following rejection message and the task will not update further.

  • If the driver has not been waiting long enough to accrue wait time compensation (anything less than 15 minutes) you will receive the following response from frederick

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