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Responding to “Pickup Not Complete” Notifications

If a driver does not mark their pickup task Successful 15 minutes after the pickup time, we will receive a notification in the “pickup_not_complete” Slack channel. This is a prompt for DSC’s/Support to look into the progress of an order so that we can be proactively communicating delays with the order provider/restaurant partner, and also make sure that drivers are able to be compensated for any billable wait time.

Researching/Responding to the Notification

Put “eyes” on the notification (👀) to alert the team that you are looking into the issue. 

  • Search the driver name in the Task search bar in the dashboard.  Check if the applicable pickup task status has been changed to Successful. If so, you can mark the notification complete with a ✅ reaction.
  •  If the pickup is not complete search the order number in slack to see if there have been any messages in the ezcater or other channels about a delay.
  • If the task status is Started and there is a previous delay post, check to see if we are still within the timeframe of the original delay.
    • If so, set a reminder for the notification is slack to circle back once the original delay window is up.
    • If not, circle back to the Not At Pickup notification for the excessive delay
  • If the status is In Progress 
    • Open the pickup task in the dashboard and navigate to the History tab to see how long the driver has been on site at the restaurant. If the history shows that the driver reached the restaurant 10 or more minutes prior, add a (💬)reaction to the notification and reach out to the driver via text to see if they are waiting for the order to be completed by the restaurant.
    • Relay any applicable information about the delay to the client using their preferred communication. (you will only post for ezcater/Relish if the delay to the customer will be 30+ minutes)
      • Set a reminder for the estimated time of completion.
  • Circle back after the estimated completion time to make sure that the task has been marked successful. Once it it is completed add a ✅ to the notification, and run the wait time command to process any billable wait time compensation.
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