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Qdoba Urban Eats

Qdoba Urban Eats is a Direct Contract in the Philadelphia market (not to be confused with Qdoba Philly). They have 2 locations in the city specializing in traditional catering orders.


  • 1600 Broad Street – North Philly
  • 230 South 40th Street – University City

Identifying Orders

  • Order has a 10 digit hyphenated order ID in the Pickup and Delivery task
  • Direct Orders will show the pickup restaurant as Qdoba Urban Eats in the dashboard and also specified in the pickup instructions

Special Pickup and Delivery Instructions

  • There are two different delivery types associated with this customer a Hot Setup which includes chaffing racks, or a Drop off.
    • Set up is required if the driver is provided with chafing racks, as this is an extra service that the customer has paid for.
  • There are guaranteed tips added to each order, however there will be instances where the customer has the opportunity to add a tip to the order. In these cases the driver will receive a receipt which they are required to have signed by the customer (whether or not there is a tip added) and upload a picture.
    • There will be a note in the delivery instructions indicating that a picture of the signed receipt is required. If the driver does not upload this picture dlivrd cannot guarantee the tip amount.
    • If a tip exceeding the guaranteed amount is added by the customer, the tip adjustment command will need to be run to update the driver’s payment

When and How to Contact With Issues

  • This client does not use Slack
  • Call store location first with any delays and questions (phone number in the pickup task)
    • Escalations and additional info should be texted to phone contact Qdoba Urban Eats Steven(catering Manager) and Qdoba Urban Eats Robert (owner)
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