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HipCity Store to Store Transfer

Most deliveries for Hip City Veg are “Store to Store Transfers”, meaning that the driver is picking up restaurant supplies from one Hip City location and delivering them to one or more other Hip City locations.  

Assigning and Delivery Protocols

The Transfers take place in both the Philadelphia, PA and DC Metro markets 3X per week ( Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and are always assigned to the same 2 drivers Gerald Burch- Philadelphia and Larry Reed- DC Metro*.

*If Gerald or Larry are unavailable for the routes, we can source another driver but it must be someone that is experienced with dlivrd, reliable and has a large vehicle.  These transfers are incredibly difficult to place if a driver bails and they CANNOT be cancelled.

  • Prices for reach route are set in advance and will be the same from week to week
  • Times for these orders are flexible, they may be ready earlier or later than the specified and stores will typically communicate directly with the drivers if there is a change in the timing.
    • This flexibility will lead to an increase in notifications way_too_early.  Check in with the driver as usual if it looks like their other deliveries are going to be affected by the transfer times, but delays or picking up a transfer early does not require a driver contact form or Driver Engagement follow up.
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