Nash is a 3rd party aggregator service; this means that their primary function is to connect other order aggregators (such as Sharebite and Superhero box) with delivery services via their tech integrations. Nash Clients Superhero Box Superhero box is a daily routed opportunity in the NYC market. They provide prepackaged meals to customers and have […]

HipCity Store to Store Transfer

Most deliveries for Hip City Veg are “Store to Store Transfers”, meaning that the driver is picking up restaurant supplies from one Hip City location and delivering them to one or more other Hip City locations.   Assigning and Delivery Protocols The Transfers take place in both the Philadelphia, PA and DC Metro markets 3X […]

Tacodeli B2B Routes

Tacodeli has a special set of deliveries known as a B2B (business to business) Route.  These routes take place in the early AM 7 days a week in all of their markets, starting from multiple locations and involve drivers picking a large batch of tacos and sauces prepackaged for a multi-stop route.  Each stop is […]