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Submitting Qdoba Philly Tips

Qdoba Philly is one of the few dlivrd clients that allows their customer to tip at the time of service. If the driver is provided with a receipt at the time of pickup, they are expected to upload a picture of the signed receipt with their delivery confirmation photos. There will always be a “guaranteed” tip in the task, but if the customer includes a tip on the receipt that will need to be sent to the customer for billing.

Submitting Tips

  • Tips for Qdoba need to be checked twice daily for submission
    • 1st check 2:30 PM EST for any orders completed before that time
    • 2nd check at 7PM EST (or after the last order is finished) for anything completed after 2:30 PM
  • Check the photo in the delivery task for each completed order.
    • If there is a photo of the receipt attached, check the amount written in the tip field against the tip commission listed in the task.
    • If the amount in Tip field on the receipt is more than the Tip Commission field in the delivery task we will need to run the tip adjustment command to ensure that the driver receives their full pay (receipt tip replaces the tip in the task)
  • If the customer added a tip (handwritten only, pre-tipped amounts are already billed/paid), save the receipt picture and copy the customer name and tip amount on the receipt.
    • Create a post in the #qdoba_philly slack channel with the customer name, added tip amount and the receipt picture in the thread.
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