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Order Milestones

Throughout the delivery process there are multiple steps (or milestones) that the drivers must complete to ensure a successful delivery.  The purpose of these milestones is to make sure that we are able to minimize bails, keep open communication about potential issues and have accurate tracking for our clients. Meeting the order milestones not only minimizes loss for dlivrd, but instills confidence in our ability to actively facilitate these large deliveries internationally.

Below are the milestones for each order :

  • Responding to the confirmation text (received 1 hour prior to the driver’s 1st pickup of the day)
  • Swiping start on the pickup task to begin tracking (30 minutes before the pickup time)
  • Reaching the restaurant location (task status changes to in progress based on the driver’s GPS location)
  • Completing the pickup task (changing the task status to successful once the order is received)
  • Swiping start on the delivery task (just before leaving the restaurant)
  • Completing the delivery task (after successful set up or drop off of the order)

We also receive alerts for tasks that are completed too early as this can be an indication of a user issue or cause for a potential charge from clients.

Each milestone has a timeframe in which it must be successfully completed.  If they are not met in the specified amount of time we will receive a notification via Frederick in an individual notification channel.  See below for the list of Slack channels and examples of their notification format (in chronological order).






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