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Sharebite is an order provider in the NYC, Nashville, Austin, San Francisco, Orange County and Los Angeles markets. They are B2B service processing individual meal orders from multiple restaurants in the area and coordinating delivery schedules. Their orders come in the afternoon before as usual but there are some distinct differences in the look of the orders and also procedures.

Before a driver takes their first Sharebite order they require a phone call explaining the difference in process for these orders and also the importance of being timely with the special clients. If a driver is no call no show for a Sharebite order they will be removed from the platform.**

Tags- **Drivers that have successfully delivered a Sharebite order will have their profiles updated with an SB tag so they are easily identified a an eligible driver for future Sharebite orders. If a driver has had multiple issues with these orders (bails, lateness) or would prefer to NOT take them will have their profile updated with a “No SB” tag.

Identifying Sharebite Orders

  • Order ID starts with Job “job_KvzxebMkHajuSa7BMBVPWm”
  • All orders will specify Sharebite in the pickup and delivery instructions
  • Sharebite orders do not have the standard quarter hour timing (i.e 10:45 pickup-11:15 delivery). They instead have what looks like a much larger delivery window of 45 minutes because there is no padding between the shown delivery time and the event time

Drivers may initially have some questions about the formatting but early delivery is common with these particular orders since there is no visible padding and they take on average the same amount of time as any other catering order.

When and How to Reach Out with Issues/Questions

Sharebite has a channel in Slack where we communicate all issues and updates.

  • Posts- ALL Updates should go in the customer thread for that day (i.e. audible, warner etc.,)
    • Posts in the thread will specify the restaurant location for that customer instead of the order ID
      • “Uncle Willies>Audible, driver is delayed to the resto by 10 minutes, delivery should be ok”

Minimum Earnings Vs. Projected Earnings

When a driver is assigned a standard catering order they receive a text message with the projected earnings for their delivery to review along with the tasks for location info. The projected earnings include the tip added by the customer at the time of order placement.

Sharebite customers have a window of time to add or remove meals from their orders that will close approximately 1 hour before their pickup time. When a Sharebite order is assigned to a driver (the day before) the text received will be the minimum earnings on the order because the meal count and tip have not been finalized. Once the order window closes, the tasks are updated with the final meal count and the tip so the driver will be able to see their total payout by reviewing the delivery task details.

Before Vs. After Update

Special Delivery Procedures for Drivers (points to cover in the 1st order call)

  • Sharebite orders are identified at the restaurant with the name of the order, delivery location and the number of meals (located in the delivery task)
    • for example when a driver arrives at the pickup they will say something along the lines of “Hello, I’m picking up a Sharebite order of 6 Meals for Viking Global 5th floor”
  • It is very important that drivers are on time to these pickups. Because there is no padding on the back end of the delivery, lateness to the pickup can lead to a charge for Dlivrd, and impact the driver’s rating on the platform.
  • Delivery Instructions- each Sharebite order has detailed delivery instructions located in the delivery task that MUST be followed for successful delivery. Sharebite has onsite representatives at many of the delivery locations dispersing the meals and if they are left anywhere other than the specified delivery location the customer WILL NOT receive them.
  • Completion Photos- Images need of the food in the delivery location there is no standard catering set up but it is important to see where exactly the driver was when they deliver in case there is an issue. Photos of the food in a car will not be considered a successful delivery.
  • Communication is key- If there is a delay at the restaurant the driver needs to reach out to us so we can keep the customer up to date and make sure that their other orders are not Jeopardized. There is always a contact number for the customer located in the delivery task as well as a contact number for Sharebite in the event that there is an issue at the delivery location.
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