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Using the ETA Command for Driver Tracking

Command Overview

The ETA command is used to produce a live tracking link for an active order.  Clients will often ask for a driver ETA to pickup or delivery and this can be a very helpful tool as it allows for efficient client visibility.  Unlike many commands, ETA can be deployed in client channels such as #ezdispatch and #foodee as well as the internal #command_channel.  This command can be used for aggregator clients ezCater, Foodee and Relish.  It will not work for Direct Contract orders utilizing the 10 digit alphanumeric Order ID.

* Before running an ETA command in a client channel, run it in the #command_channel first, making sure that the link is accurate.

Deploying the Command

  • In the #command_channel in Slack, deploy the command by typing “/eta” in the message field followed by the order ID and send.
  • Wait for the reply from Fredrick which will contain the task status (if the pickup has already been completed) and the tracking link.
    • This link can be provided to the client if they need additional info on driver status, as long as the drivers GPS is up to date
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