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Submitting Sweet Lucy’s Tips

Unlike most of dlivrd’s earning opportunities, Sweet Lucy’s orders may or may not be pre-tipped by the customer.  

  • If the order does not have gratuity added before hand, the driver will receive a paper receipt at the time of pickup for the customer to sign and potentially add gratuity at the time of delivery.  The driver must update the Tip field in the delivery task and upload a picture of the signed receipt with their set up or drop off image. 
  • Tips added at the time of delivery need to be submitted to Sweet Lucy’s by 7:30PM EST the day of the order, so they can be properly processed by the client.  This is a 2 part process, a text to the Sweet Lucys contact’s with customer name & tip amount, and an email to the back office with customer name, tip amount, & the picture of the receipt uploaded by the DD.  If there are multiple Lucy’s orders in a day they should be sent together in a single message if possible.

If the Order Was Pre-Tipped

You can tell an order had gratuity added in advance because there will be a tip present in the details section of the delivery task, but no line in the delivery task history of the driver updating the tip field.   The driver will not have received a paper receipt for this pickup so the image attached should be only of the set up or dropoff.  

  • Pre-tipped orders do NOT need to be included in the daily email and text.

Entering Tips Added at the Time of Delivery

  1. Open the completed order in the dashboard, select the delivery task from the dropdown, then copy the customer’s name and updated tip amount; paste the info into the body of a blank email.
  2. There will be a receipt picture attached in the order history to corroborate the amount entered by DD. Verify the tip by opening the attachment from order history. If the driver has uploaded a bad or blurry picture promptly ask them to text in to a new picture.
  3. Search the order ID in slack to make sure that the tip adjustment command was run to update the driver’s pay. (If not, run the command with the full tip amount and make a post in the payments and adjustments channel to alert the finance team that the command was run after the fact)
  4. Download the receipt image to attach to the email, or Open the Image in New Tab and have your email message open and ready to drag and drop the screenshot into.
  5. Send a text message to the following 3 Sweet Lucy’s Contacts- Ali, Ally D, Deb.  Paste the Customer Name(s) from inside the delivery task – Tip(s) Amount to this message and Send! *If there are multiple in a day please send in the same text and email* No further confirmation via text is required, but you can respond with a thanks or a 🙂 if they reply back via text to confirm receipt of tip message.
  6. Final step, send your email addressed to  Subject line is “Tips” + the date (ex: Tips 7/27) Put in the same info from the text, Customer name(s) – $ amount, make sure to also add the Screenshot(s) of receipt picture in the email. Add a quick message such as: “Texted in, thanks!” This email address is set to Fwd to Chris, Jemma, and the applicable back office managers of Sweet Lucys who need the info. Please make sure to send both email and text at the same time to ensure we have done our part in a timely manner to convey tips, and you are all set.
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