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Call and SMS Disposition Reference

Whenever a conversation is finished in Twilio, whether call or text, a disposition is required to close and move on to the next. The disposition lets us know what (in general) the conversation was about. Below is the list of current dispositions and when they should be used. These explanations are not exhaustive and there may be instances where you need to use your judgment to decide how the conversation should be categorized.

  • Bail
    • Messages or call to cancel a previously accepted order
  • Bail Placement- Decline
    • Driver not available to save bail
  • Bail Placement- No Answer
    • Unable to reach driver when trying to place a bail
  • Bail Placement- Saved
    • Driver accepted last minute order
  • Confirmation/Swipe Start
    • Communication regarding a didn’t respond or hasn’t swiped notification 
  • CP Support
    • Order detail updates, additional info, or questions to/from direct clients
  • CP Support- Urgent
    • Issues involving active orders for direct clients.  Delays, cancellations, info requests
  • Delivery Issue
    • Communication regarding the delivery portion of a task. Including notifications(still not delivered), ETA’s to the customer, updates about delays en route to customer, assistance needed reaching or locating customer, missing items, incorrect address etc.,
  • Followup Needed
    • Calls and SMS resulting in a followup ticket being submitted for ROSE team i.e. attitude issue
  • No Reply Needed
    • Inbound SMS that do not require a response. Driver responses to previously closed conversations i.e. “thanks”, “got it”, 👍 etc.,
  • Not Listed
    • Other
  • Not Using App Correctly
    • Drivers unable to see, accept, or start orders due to not using the app correctly. Assisting with troubleshooting new driver issues, such as starting the task too early or difficulty following the completion process (upload picture and swipe successful)
  • Order Inquiry
    • Driver requests for specific orders to be sent to them that are for a future date. i.e. “can you resend me that order”, “is this order still available”, “can you send me the order from X restaurant for Thursday?”
  • Order Updates
    • Changes being communicated to drivers regarding pickup/delivery times, item counts, addresses, subtotals
  • Payment Issue
    • Inbound questions about processed payments, adjustments, missing payments. Outbound calls about returned payments and incomplete everee or stripe accounts.
  • Pickup Issue
    • Communication regarding the pickup portion of a task. Including Notifications, ETA’s to the restaurant, order not ready, no record, updates about previous delays, questions from drivers about how to pickup or identify orders etc.,
  • Priority Placement
    • Providing additional details for Large Orders, High Priority Orders, Relish Stacks, or special routes.
  • Profile Update
    • Updates for equipment (bags, carts etc.,), vehicle info, tags
  • ROSE- 1st Order Followup
    • Calls or texts in response to a 1st Order Follow-up ticket
  • ROSE- Marketing
    • Marketing Communication
  • ROSE- Onboarding Issue
    • Missing/incorrect app links or everee email
  • ROSE- Personal Info Update
    • Updates to name, phone number, email, market
  • ROSE- Priority Ticket
    • Followup for NCNS, Bail, Lateness, CP Complaint and Poor Delivery Picture tickets
  • ROSE- Ticket Followup
    • Catering Kit Tickets
  • Tech Issues
    • Cannot upload photos, app errors, tracking issues etc.,
  • Volume Concern
    • Driver questions regarding market volume, not receiving orders, requesting multiple orders etc.,
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