Introducing Frederick: dlivrd’s Revolutionary AI Software Enhancing Delivery Efficiency and Driver Success

New Third-Party Delivery Technology ¬†dlivrd, a technology and last-mile delivery logistics company, is proud to introduce its proprietary AI software, affectionately dubbed “Frederick,” which is designed to optimize the 3PL driver and third-party delivery matching processes. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms and advanced data analytics, Frederick revolutionizes the way restaurants and logistics clients manage their deliveries. dlivrd’s […]

Revolutionizing Driver Onboarding: How It Can Save Your Business Time and Money

The process of recruiting independently-contracted drivers is essential and time-consuming for any business that operates a fleet of vehicles, especially in the last-mile delivery space. This includes screening, interviews, training, and an evaluation of drivers’ skills and qualifications. These actions guarantee that the company contracts the most qualified drivers to represent its brand and provide […]

Transforming the Logistics Landscape: How AI is Driving Delivery Innovation

One industry that has seen significant change as a result of the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology is delivery services. Global logistics companies are making investments in artificial intelligence in order to improve the efficiency of their operations, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction. The field of logistics has been significantly altered by the […]