Introducing Frederick: dlivrd’s Revolutionary AI Software Enhancing Delivery Efficiency and Driver Success

New Third-Party Delivery Technology

 dlivrd, a technology and last-mile delivery logistics company, is proud to introduce its proprietary AI software, affectionately dubbed “Frederick,” which is designed to optimize the 3PL driver and third-party delivery matching processes. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms and advanced data analytics, Frederick revolutionizes the way restaurants and logistics clients manage their deliveries.

dlivrd’s AI software transforms the traditional delivery ecosystem by intelligently pairing drivers with available deliveries based on their experience, certifications, and vehicle types. This technology ensures that each driver possesses the necessary expertise and equipment to handle specific types of deliveries, resulting in a superior end-user experience for customers. This allows dlivrd to support many types of clients and to ensure that all customers, whether they be on-demand, catering, routed delivery, or small packages, can be served by gig driver partners who are experts in and prefer making those specific types of deliveries.

“Our mission at dlivrd is to automate what you can and humanize what’s important,” says Chris Heffernan, CEO of dlivrd. “Frederick is a game-changer, enabling us to match independent driver partners and deliveries in a way that ensures optimum service quality, enhances customer satisfaction, and maximizes driver earnings. It’s just getting started, but as we collect more data and keep improving the algorithms, the benefits for both the client and the driver partner will continue to be extremely exciting.”

With dlivrd’s platform, independent driver partners are provided with delivery opportunities. As their reliability metric increases and they spend more time on the platform, Frederick unlocks access to higher-earning jobs. By taking into account driver experience, certifications, equipment, and vehicle types, the AI software identifies suitable deliveries that match a driver partner’s skillset, increasing their potential earnings and job satisfaction.

The benefits of dlivrd’s AI software extend beyond the individual driver partners. Restaurant and logistics clients experience improved operational efficiency, reduced delivery errors, and increased customer satisfaction. By accurately matching drivers to deliveries, dlivrd ensures that every order is in the hands of a qualified professional, resulting in a seamless and reliable delivery experience for end-users.

dlivrd’s AI software is set to disrupt the delivery industry by transforming the way independent driver partners and deliveries are matched, ultimately benefiting both drivers and clients alike.

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