Setting up Your Payment Account with Everee

3. The first screen you will see in Everee will ask whether you want to setup a personal or business account 4. If you are not formally established by the federal government as a business, select “Set up a personal account” using your Social Security Number (SSN) or International Tax Identification Number (ITIN) 5. If […]

How do I get paid?

Working on the dlivrd platform enables you to be paid for your deliveries the business day following your completed delivery. We work with a third-party payment platform called Everee to accomplish this. Deliveries completed Monday through Thursday are paid the next business banking day. Deliveries completed Friday through Sunday are paid on Mondays. If Monday […]

How much can I expect to earn per delivery?

At the beginning of your experience with dlivrd, you are most likely to see deliveries with average earnings of about $25. As you take more deliveries and acquire more equipment such as, large, insulated catering delivery bags and/or a delivery cart you will start to see larger orders with more earnings attached. Across our operating […]