Big Apple, Big Conference: dlivrd Conquers Int’l Restaurant & Food Show

Last weekend, our team embarked on an exhilarating journey at the industry expo, and the results were nothing short of extraordinary. The booth buzzed with excitement as we had dozens of inspiring conversations, each promising a potential collaboration that could shape the future of our business.

Highlights: A Bit of Funny Business!

One of the unexpected highlights of the trip was a spontaneous visit to a comedy club on Sunday night. The atmosphere was electric, and the comedians provided a perfect blend of humor and heckling, turning an ordinary night into an unforgettable experience. Unfortunately, Office Coordinator Maura was the target! Laughter was shared amongst the team, creating a camaraderie that extended beyond the professional conference setting.

Amidst the lively conversations at our booth, we had the pleasure of meeting with three current clients. It was a surreal experience, finally putting faces to the names we’ve worked closely with. A particular highlight was connecting with Los Tacos, just one of our many clients we hold in high regard. The in-person meeting not only solidified our professional relationship but added a personal touch that will undoubtedly strengthen our collaboration moving forward.

Making Connections at the Conference

We also paid a visit to another direct partner, Mighty Quinn’s! Their BBQ was utterly delicious. Furthermore, we connected with Waterfield Tech representative Andrew T at the conference. They provide our comprehensive phone solutions and it was great to see him in person after almost a year!

Client Experience Specialist Heather P. stole the show with her exceptional ability to connect with prospective clients. Her extensive knowledge of local restaurants, towns, and the industry as a whole left a lasting impression. It’s moments like these that reaffirm the importance of having a team that not only excels in their roles but also adds a human touch to every interaction.

The seamless execution of logistics by Maura was another success story. Her attention to detail ensured the smooth flow of events, and her contribution will undoubtedly position her as a valuable asset for future endeavors.

As we reflect on the weekend’s accomplishments, it’s clear that our team’s collective efforts have not only generated leads but also created memorable experiences that will resonate with us for years to come. Here’s to the promising conversations, strengthened relationships, and the infectious laughter that made this weekend an absolute triumph.

Our dlivrd difference makers with Waterfield Tech!

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