Yeehaw: dlivrd Moseys over to Oklahoma for CowCon 2024!

Last week, dlivrd had the incredible opportunity to attend Cowboy Chicken’s CowCon at Choctaw Casino in Durant, Oklahoma! dlivrd marked its presence as a Platinum sponsor at this exciting invite-only event. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as the dlivrd team immersed themselves in team-building activities, learned the art of playing craps, enjoyed delicious food, and mingled with fellow guests during after-hours at the casino.

“Chick” Out these Highlights:

One of the standouts of the event was the teambuilding mock craps tournament, where dlivrd’s own Elizabeth emerged as the winner, taking first place among the 50 attendees. The triumphant Elizabeth not only brought home the glory but also scored some fabulous Cowboy Chicken swag, including a custom logo mini suitcase. The dlivrd team felt a genuine sense of connection and belonging within the Cowboy Chicken family, thanks to the warm reception and the extraordinary efforts made by the team (special kudos to Brittany, Summer, and all the operators!)

The commitment to excellence extended beyond the immersive experiences to the service provided, the quality of swag, and the efforts to keep vendors engaged with each other. A particularly memorable encounter was sharing a table with Cowboy Chicken President Sean, fostering a great rapport with both Jemma and Elizabeth. This encounter emphasized the strength of the relationship between Cowboy Chicken and dlivrd, laying the foundation for future growth.

dlivrd Marketing Specialist Elizabeth (second from left) taking first place in the craps tournament!

Just Wingin’ It!

Noteworthy was the insight shared during the event, highlighting catering delivery as one of the key focal points for Cowboy Chicken in 2024. The dlivrd team eagerly anticipates contributing to and benefiting from this shared vision.

The positive experience continued as dlivrd received praise from various franchise restaurant owners, general managers, and executives within the Cowboy Chicken network. This acknowledgment solidified the impact of dlivrd’s presence at CowCon, affirming the value of their partnership within the Cowboy Chicken ecosystem.

Beyond the Cowboy Chicken sphere, dlivrd seized the opportunity to network with other industry players, including the likes of Olo. Moreover, these connections promise potential synergies that could reshape the landscape of the catering delivery industry.

In conclusion, CowCon 2024 was more than just a conference for dlivrd – it was a journey filled with learning, successes, and invaluable connections. The event illustrated the strength of partnerships, the commitment to innovation, and the shared vision for the future of catering delivery. As dlivrd looks forward to 2024, the experiences and relationships forged at CowCon serve as a solid foundation for growth, collaboration, and continued success!

The CowCon 2024 attendees!

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