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About Zuppler

Zuppler creates a fully branded online food ordering experience for businesses in the food industry that allows them to build & maintain control of their customer relationships. This capability connects to POS, payment, loyalty, and delivery services. 

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Zuppler is on a mission to beautify online ordering menus

At Dlivrd, we recognize and appreciate Zuppler's commitment to ensuring that every online order is a seamless experience.

Zuppler firmly believes in the importance of simplicity, making it effortless for customers to place their orders.

They share our belief that the online ordering system should be accessible and affordable for all food operators, enabling them to leverage the benefits of online orders without breaking the bank.

Zuppler’s dedication to reliability ensures that no order is ever overlooked or forgotten, providing peace of mind to both food operators and their customers.

 They understand the significance of profitability in the food industry, and their platform empowers food operators to maximize the potential of online orders, allowing them to take ownership of each and every customer.

Zuppler Online Ordering Testimonials

At Dlivrd, we take great pride in our strategic partnership with Zuppler, a leading technology platform for the restaurant industry. This collaboration allows us to offer our customers a comprehensive and efficient solution to growth and management of their delivery orders.

Chief Strategy Officer, Ashley Campos

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