Transformative Partnership: Emmy Squared Pizza and dlivrd

In the dynamic world of catering and restaurant management, finding a reliable delivery partner is no small feat. For Emmy Squared Pizza, the answer to their delivery needs has been found in the form of dlivrd. Let’s delve into the reasons behind this flourishing partnership:

Peace of Mind and Precision

Working with dlivrd has brought peace of mind to the Emmy Squared Pizza team. Having a reliable delivery partner means knowing that drivers will arrive on time, equipped with catering bags, and possessing in-depth knowledge of their diverse menu has been a game-changer. In a post-COVID era, where maintaining high standards of delivery and service is challenging, dlivrd has become an invaluable ally in upholding the restaurant group’s philosophy of delivering exceptional food and service to catering clients, even from a distance.

Exceptional Customer Service

Emmy Squared Pizza emphasizes the extraordinary customer service provided by dlivrd, setting it apart from other delivery platforms. The direct line to immediate help without long wait times has freed up valuable hours for the restaurant group. In minutes, via text, they receive assistance, providing the gift of time to focus on expanding their business rather than being tied up in the logistics of delivery coordination.

Achieving Growth with Efficiency

Since partnering with dlivrd, Emmy Squared Pizza has experienced remarkable growth, expanding from 18 to nearly 30 restaurants in just one year. What’s noteworthy is that this expansion occurred without a proportional increase in the catering department’s labor. dlivrd’s reliability and efficiency have allowed the restaurant group to focus on their core business while seamlessly scaling their operations.

A Recommendation for Seamless Expansion

Emmy Squared Pizza, a rapidly growing restaurant group with almost 30 establishments across the country, highly recommends dlivrd for businesses looking to expand with limited catering/event coordinators. The reliability and friendliness of dlivrd, combined with the opportunity to integrate their drivers as part of the team, provide a solution without the complications of managing delivery insurance and payroll. It’s a partnership that not only delivers food promptly but contributes to the overall success and growth of the business.

Overcoming the Vehicle Challenge

In larger markets like NYC and DC, Emmy Squared Pizza faced a significant challenge with most delivery drivers not arriving in cars. dlivrd’s distinctive approach, where they maintain relationships with their drivers and ensure proper vehicles for delivery, aligns perfectly with Emmy Squared Pizza’s commitment to timely and properly plated catering food. This attention to detail has been crucial in ensuring the success of their deliveries.

Alice Craddock, Catering & Events Director, Emmy Squared Pizza.

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