Our October Spook-tacular!

Every month, dlivrd partners with thousands of delivery drivers to ensure that the complex logistics of catering delivery feels seamless to our restaurant partners across 85 markets in the US and Canada. Throughout the month of October, dlivrd Earning Partners participated in our first ever month-long promotion, adding to the appeal of the high-quality earning opportunities to which they have grown accustomed to while partnering with dlivrd.

Every time an Earning Partner successfully completed a catering delivery for which their earnings were less than $25, they were automatically entered into a daily pool. One lucky winner was randomly selected from the day’s pool throughout the month to receive $100 the very next day!

dlivrd has been able to award Earning Partners over $3,100 extra during the month of October! Due to the excitement and positive reviews generated, we’re running another month-long promotion for November with a chance to win $1,000!

“This is a wonderful company to partner with, and I will continue to dedicate my time and effort!”

– Joshua B., October 14th Winner

“I was hoping that I might win! I got my mom a special treat of a Cheesecake Factory meal. My mom actually won a grand prize last week so luck was on our side!”

– Diane W., October 25th Winner

October 1st: Shuyeb L., North Jersey.

October 2nd: Amanda R., Austin, TX.

October 3rd: Bosmat A., Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

October 4th: Mikayla R., Orange County, CA.

October 5th: Ramon S., DC Metro.

October 6th: Devin B., Chicago, IL.

October 7th: Karen F., Las Vegas, NV.

October 8th: Jonathan V., Atlanta, GA.

October 9th: Tammy T., Jacksonville, FL.

October 10th: Lisa C., Tampa, FL.

October 11th: Biruk Z., Los Angeles, CA.

October 12th: Erfan K., Orange County, CA.

October 13th: Cameron L., Phoenix, AZ.

October 14th: Joshua B., Charlotte, NC.

October 15th: Edna P., Jacksonville, FL.

October 16th: Joel T., Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX.

October 17th: Naihjee P., Richmond-Petersburg, VA.

October 18th: Craig S., Phoenix, AZ.

October 19th: David U., Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

October 20th: Frank R., Phoenix, AZ.

October 21st: David G., Chicago, IL.

October 22nd: Mario M., Miami, FL.

October 23rd: Dana G., Kansas City, MO.

October 24th: Abdur R., New York, NY.

October 25th: Diane W., Orange County, CA.

October 26th: Treona S., Fort Wayne, IN.

October 27th: Isaias A., Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.

October 28th: Frank S., Louisville, KY.

October 29th: Susana M., Los Angeles, CA.

October 30th: Robert M., Chicago, IL.

October 31st: Marjorie G., Nashville, TN.