November Difference Maker Profile: Marge L.

We’re continuing our monthly series on a selected dlivrd Difference Maker. Check out this profile featuring Marge Loveday!

Position: Chief Operations Officer
Hometown: Ryland, AL
What is the most rewarding part of your role? The most rewarding aspect of my role is the ability to make a positive and measurable impact on both the culture and growth of our team, its individuals, and the expansion and development of our company.
What is your superpower? My superpower is the ability to thrive in a (metaphorical) perpetual dumpster fire. Call it the ‘Flame-Resistant Optimism’ power.
What does the #dlivrddifference mean to you? To me, the #dlivrddifference means so many things. It means prioritizing the welfare of our earning partners. It means being that “extra mile” delivery partner for our clients. It also means actively contributing to the communities we are privileged to serve while being as environmentally responsible as possible. It’s not just about delivering food or packages; it’s about making a positive and meaningful difference.
Fun fact about yourself: I am a singer-songwriter, I play multiple instruments, and I performed professionally and full time for over 15 years. In that time, I released two solo albums, one at the famous Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, as well as did studio work on several other artists’ records.
1. I once got a standing ovation at the Ryman Auditorium as the opening act for the Indigo Girls
2. The last album I did studio work on (Keyboard, Organ, Vocals) just recently landed the #1 Blues Album on the ITunes charts for 4 consecutive days. 

What is your favorite quote? “Dream more than others think practical. Expect more than others think possible. Care more than others think wise.” – Howard Schultz

What is your favorite food? I absolutely LOVE hot sauce of any kind. The hotter and weirder the better. I have a whole shelf in my refrigerator dedicated to this obsession.