Meet The Team

Our East Coast Team includes a group of talented & dedicated individuals! Plus our very own in-office ‘Canadian Moose’ named Luna

We Work Hard &
Play Harder!


Chief Executive Officer

Chris Heffernan is the Founder and CEO of dlivrd (delivered), a third party driver coordination organization specializing in last mile delivery and has more than 10 years of experience in the rapidly growing gig economy.
Under Chris’ leadership, dlivrd has become one of the fastest growing delivery services in the United States. Since 2018, dlivrd has coordinated deliveries in over 60 cities. In 2021, the company delivered over 16 million dollars worth of food.

Marge loveday

Chief Operating Officer

Marge is a serial entrepreneur, investor, team leader, and a borderline logistics junky. With over 12 years of extensive knowledge and experience in areas such as dispatch, operations, and platform utilization within multiple delivery/marketplace logistics platforms.  This has been key in improving operational efficiencies and build relationships that foster success for both the partners and dlivrd.  

BRyan Brock

Chief People Officer

Bryan built his career in the retail industry as a Human Resources and Talent Acquisition leader and joined dlivrd in 2022. In his role, Bryan is responsible for shaping our internal people strategies, cultivating good vibes and ensuring we have a dynamic relationship with the thousands of earning partners in over 60 cities.

Ashley campos

Chief Strategy Officer

With 16+ years of experience in client servicing and operational management roles in various restaurant and service delivery industries, I am an accomplished entrepreneur spearheading B2B virtual BPO solutions at Falcon Virtual and CSO at dlivrd.

Dan Ostrowski

Chief Financial Officer

Dan is a highly accomplished, ethical, result-driven senior financial and operational management executive who excels at leading businesses to the forefront with highly motivated personnel, and innovative hands on, roll up your sleeves, business mentality. Extremely knowledgeable with a passion for leading and mentoring individuals into collaborative teams.