Boogie Board Champion! Meet Maura Eckert April’s Difference Maker.

Meet Maura Eckert, the heartbeat of our office here at dlivrd! As the Office Coordinator, Maura brings an incredible love for music and organization to our team.

A true music lover, Maura boasts attendance at over 20 concerts – talk about dedication! When she’s not rocking out, she’s conquering the waves at the Jersey Shore, where her boogie-boarding skills would undoubtedly win gold if it were an Olympic event.

In her role, Maura is the logistical expert. She’s our go-to multitasker, from coordinating office parties to managing trade show setups nationwide. But her job goes beyond schedules and spreadsheets – Maura is our team’s cornerstone, always ready to lend a hand wherever needed.

“A great team always needs a system of support and encouragement behind it! I like to think of myself as someone who can make that difference in our team every day.”

When we think of Maura’s role, we see her as a fairy, much like Tinkerbell—always there to help, support all teams, and spread her magic and cheer to brighten everything around her. She’s like fairy dust, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Before joining dlivrd, Maura yearned for deeper community engagement. Now, she volunteers weekly at an equestrian therapy facility, embodying our company's commitment to making a difference beyond the office. Her community spirit shines through as she leads our involvement in local volunteer initiatives and sponsorship events.

Looking ahead, Maura's sights are set on driving dlivrd's growth. She's a continuous learner, always seeking ways to enhance our team's experience and impact. Together, we've achieved incredible feats, and she's eager to keep pushing boundaries and striving for excellence.

With Maura at the forefront, our office is not just a workplace – it's a community fueled by passion, positivity, and purpose. Here's to Maura, our difference-maker extraordinaire!