March #dlivrddifferencemaker Profile: Sam

We’re continuing our monthly series on our #dlivrddifferencemakers, featuring Sam Hart! Sam also just celebrated her three year anniversary with dlivrd on March 9th!

Position: Operations Team Lead

Hometown: State College, Pennsylvania.

What is the most rewarding part of your role?  First and foremost, being able to guide and support the operations team. I’m able to help them effectively advocate for Earning Partners. We also are able to strengthen our connections with catering, restaurant, and Earning Partners by bringing it all together in the delivery cycle.

What is your superpower? Being able to dance to ANY song! I’m very adaptable, and bring a lot of positivity in my role. Sometimes things may get difficult, so it’s important to be able to course-correct with a smile on your face! 

What does the #dlivrddifference mean to you?  The #dlivrddifference is exemplified through the people.  The difference makers, Earning Partners, and leadership all come from different backgrounds and use their experience to work together towards a common goal. Taking it one step further, the human connections that are present in all aspects of the delivery cycle from start to finish. This allows for us to create connections as we go along. Ultimately, nothing brings people together like a shared catering delivery spread for an event! 

Fun fact about yourself? My hair has been every color in the rainbow, at least once!

What is your favorite quote? “If we are true to ourselves, we can not be false to anyone.” William Shakespeare, Hamlet.

What is your favorite food? Coffee!