March dlivrd Earning Partner Spotlight: Daniel A.

Check out Daniel’s story below!

Which market are you in?

Tucson, AZ!

How long have you been working with dlivrd?

Since October of 2021.

What does your journey into the gig economy/dlivrd look like?

At the time, I was working with on-demand delivery apps, and dlivrd was my first foray into catering delivery. Over time as dlivrd’s presence in Tucson expanded, I too was able to take on more deliveries across the city and now I do it as my primary gig! It’s my favorite delivery platform.

What advice would you give to new Earning Partners?

Be patient with the restaurants as they prepare the orders, and make sure you’re on-time and swiping at the proper intervals!

Do you have a favorite dish from a restaurant you’ve completed a catering delivery for?

I love all types of food, but I do enjoy picking up at the Pei Wei in Tucson. I’ve been able to build a good relationship with the staff and management there!

Fun fact: I am an avid sports fan!