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Wondering when you get paid? You get paid through our 3rd party provider Everee Payments are generally sent the next business day after delivery completion

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Frequently asked questions

dlivrd is a white label platform for delivery service

Once you apply, meet our criteria, and complete our onboarding process you are qualified to receive gigs

Most deliveries occur between 10am-2pm Monday through Friday. We do operate mornings evenings and weekends, but weekday lunchtime is the peak volume.

Deliveries are generally assigned starting around 1pm the day before the delivery. Dispatchers are generally assigning until 9pm EST the night before. Same day deliveries can be assigned as well but we aim to pre schedule as much as possible a day in advance.

You should receive a push notification from the app and a text message with the projected earnings (those are the earnings at the time of dispatch, subject to change) alerting you an order was sent your way. You have a 15 minute window to accept or decline a delivery, please be sure to review all information including pickup and delivery locations.

Here at dlivrd we have a zero tolerance policy for No Call No Shows outside of extreme circumstances.

If you need to bail on an order we appreciate as much notice as possible by reaching out to our main support line via call or text (215-515-2932). You are unable to return or cancel the order from your app and will need to speak with someone. We Suggest Providing a Valid & Documented Reason For Canceling Once Accepting Deliveries or your account will be low-priority for future gigs

Make sure to log in to the app and go On and Off Duty to update your location so the dispatchers will see you in the delivery radius for your city. You should also watch our video playlist to confirm you understand all aspects of delivering for our platform.

You should watch our Video Playlist.

email us anytime:

Become a Partner

Delivery Completion Protocols

Start Delivering

Get Paid w/ Everee

Driver Support

Driver Rewards

Become a Partner

Interested In Becoming A Driving Partner?

  • You must be 21+
  • Have a valid Driver’s license
  • Valid Bank Account
  • Legally eligible to work in the US
  • Your own reliable vehicle to make deliveries
  • Availability Monday – Friday between 10am and 2pm regularly
  • Generally comfortable driving, parking and delivering in a city setting
We do not at this time
You will receive instructions to download the app after you complete onboarding. It is available in the app store and google play, BUT you need the correct login information in order to have proper app access. will get you started!

Standard US background Verification

Delivery Completion Protocols

Are You Swiping Correctly?

Please make sure to reply to our automated Confirmation Text that is sent 1 hour BEFORE pickup time. Reply with “YES” to confirm delivery this way we know we can count on you.
Swiping Start 35-40 mins before the pickup time will reconfirm with the agents that you are good to go and activate your GPS. This enables us to see you are on track and bother you less while in transit
Pickup Start: 30 minutes before you arrive at the restaurant.
Pickup Complete: you’ve packed the car and are ready to go!
Delivery Start: you’re leaving for delivery.
Delivery Complete: food is set up & photos taken.
Our new “Swipe Protocol” YouTube video and link to our Survey Monkey Quiz will be here.

Start Delivering

Are You Ready To Start Earning?

The first few orders you take with us should not require equipment, If you have bags from other services or proactively purchase your own then we encourage using them until you receive equipment from us.
Once you complete your 10th delivery you receive an automated text message with the link to order our driver kit – free of charge.

Here are the few things we suggest you double check before beginning your deliveries.

  • Reply To Confirmation Text 📲
    • sent 1 hour BEFORE pickup time
    • reply with “YES” to confirm delivery
    • This way we know we can count on you 
  • Phone Charged 🔋  
    • So everything can go smoothly

  • Tank of Gas ⛽
    • Your car will love you for it

  • Delivery Bags/Cart 👜 
    • If you’ve got them, bring them
It confirms the driver is good to go, the order is on their radar and they are ready to head to the pickup at the scheduled time. If we do not receive the response we will attempt to reach you, if unsuccessful we will have to remove the order and place your account on hold.

Reach out to the dlivrd support line via text or call 215-515-2932 with any questions or concerns. Our coordinators are eager and willing to help you!

Get Paid w/ Everee

How Do You Get Paid?

Everee is the Payment Provider dlivrd utilizes to pay our earning partners
Catering order payments are sent the next business day. For example an order taken on Tuesday will be processed on Wednesday. Any orders taken Friday through Sunday will process on Monday.

If there is a pay discrepancy please fill out this form so it gets sent to the proper person to research your issue and respond accordingly within 1 business day. Keep in mind, weekends are not business days. 

If you are an independent contractor, then you are self-employed. The earnings of a person who is working as an independent contractor are subject to self-employment tax. To find out what your tax obligations are, visit the Self-Employed Individuals Tax Center.

If you believe a payment is missing please fill out this form, dates and the Order ID’s can be found in your dlivrd app.  Please make sure to check your routing and bank account numbers and everee account before submitting this form. Your Driver Success Coordinator will research and email you within 1 business day.  Keep in mind, weekends are not business days.

Driver Support

What Are The dlivrd Support Channels?

Live agents are reachable with any issue big or small by phone or text: 215-515-2932

You can reach out to and a representative will review your account and look into the matter and get back to you within 3 business days via email.

We have active agents 6am – 9pm EST

Driver Rewards

How To Qualify For Bonuses?