February Earning Partner Spotlight: Emily O.

This month, we’re highlighting Earning Partner Emily Olaleye from Minneapolis, MN!

How long have you been working with dlivrd?

One year!

Thoughts on hitting your one-year milestone of being an independently-contracted Earning Partner?

I love being around people and forming relationships while I complete catering deliveries for dlivrd. The gig economy has saved my sanity, because I can’t stand to be inside the house all the time! It’s also an adventure! For dlivrd, I’ve been to the University of Minnesota and Target Stadium where the Minnesota Twins play all in the last year!

What does your journey into the gig economy/dlivrd look like?

There are a lot of ins and outs when it comes to navigating the gig economy. Catering delivery affords me the flexibility to be there for my five kids and all their activities. The earnings have also helped us to pay for vacations, music lessons for my kids, and built up other savings. I don’t have to prepare for a meeting, I instead organize, pick up, and set up food while selecting my own hours! I’m very extroverted, which is definitely needed to be a successful catering delivery professional.

dlivrd is my number one app, and I’ve already been on a variety of similar platforms! You know what you’re getting paid, and there’s no tip-sharing.

What does the #dlivrddifference mean to you?

Last year, one of my daughters had a sudden health scare. I was sent a stacked order and couldn’t do the second one, since it conflicted with when I had to pick up my daughter and take her to her next class. I got in touch with the dlivrd support team, and told them what was going on. The dlivrd support team sent me a new order for the following day that was a very high-earning one, and she told me that she hoped that it would help with ER visits and other medical expenses. I was very emotional in my car when the team told me that. dlivrd has my back, and that’s what the #dlivrddifference is all about!

What advice would you give to new Earning Partners?

Stick to it, especially in the beginning! Accept orders when they come through. It’s not only a good learning experience, but builds credibility on the platform as well. I’d also add dressing the part for catering delivery, especially if you’re picking up or delivering to professional environments. These are more high-stakes deliveries than the one-off, on-demand ones. Also, if you look your best, you’ll do your best!

Do you have a favorite dish from a restaurant you’ve completed a catering delivery for?

Fried plantains from Brasa in Minneapolis, or the warm pita from Naf Naf Grill!