February dlivrd Earning Partner Spotlight: Damon D.

Check out Damon’s story below!

Which market are you in?

New York City!

How long have you been working with dlivrd?

A year and seven months! It’ll be two years in July!

What does your journey into the gig economy/dlivrd look like?

I started doing smaller, on-demand gig apps for both food delivery and ride sharing. My wife actually got information from a coworker of hers about dlivrd and I started it and never looked back! I’m a big advocate for entrepreneurship and financial independence. It covers everything that I want out of life, I love meeting new people and coming across new restaurants to patronize on my own time!

What advice would you give to new Earning Partners?

Be patient and don’t rush the restaurants! Hang out, take in the scenery, and offer to help where able. Be aware of timelines and communicate to the dlivrd team. That’s what they’re there for! To help! Basically, if I could say one thing, patience is absolutely key in the catering delivery industry.

Do you have a favorite dish from a restaurant you’ve completed a catering delivery for?

I go to Los Tacos all the time even when I’m not doing direct orders for them! Rubirosa is another one. They have the best margherita pizza ever! And coming from New York, that’s a really high honor! Another favorite of mine is Nish Nush! Nish Nush is vegan Indian food but it is so delicious. The cuisine there is a standout, even as someone who isn’t vegan themselves! 

(Author’s note, Los Tacos is a direct client of dlivrd. We love that earning partners themselves love the food of the restaurants they complete orders for!)

Fun facts: I’m very family-oriented and a stickler for time management! I’m an Army veteran as well!