Every Day is Earth Day at dlivrd!

Here at dlivrd, we believe every day is Earth Day!

In December 2022, we announced a new partnership with Ecologi, a B Corp certified environmental organization. This partnership will fund reforestation efforts and offset mileage accumulated on a monthly basis from independently-contracted Earning Partners.

Since we’ve been partnered with Ecologi, we’ve been able to offset over 220 tonnes of carbon, which is equivalent to 545,820 miles driven in a car, 169 long-haul flights, and 660 square meters of sea ice saved! Through these carbon offsets, we’ve been able to fund over 10 climate projects worldwide! Some of these projects have consisted of avoiding methane emissions in Brazil, providing wind power in Mexico, and solar power electricity generation in Indonesia!

Additionally, we’ve also planted over 10,000 trees worldwide.

“We acknowledge our growing responsibility to proactively monitor and mitigate environmental implications with our rapidly-expanding company. Therefore, we look forward to partnering with Ecologi to put dlivrd on the path toward climate positivity in the new year. Aligning with partners that share our values is the core of our corporate social responsibility mission,” – Founder & CEO Chris Heffernan

Make sure to check out our continued environmental journey here!

As always, drive safe!