Driver Partner Enrollment in Everee

Hey team!

dlivrd has chosen to work with Everee for our new contractor payment solution on January 13th 2021. This new payment system will speed up payments and offer a more reliable way to receive deposits. We are excited for this change and know that you will love it.

You’ll be receiving an email soon from Everee for onboarding. Click the link in the email to set up an Everee account and fill out all information (W4, Direct Deposit, etc.). The W4 won’t be utilized in your payment calculations, because you are a contractor. Please use your personal email address for your Everee login. You will need to create a password to finish your personal account. You can do this by hitting “forgot password” at Now you have an account! Please head to the App Store, and download the Everee app to your phone. Everee has a great help video and written library on how to use the app. Check it out.

Once you have an account, follow these simple steps to get started after logging in using the information you created in onboarding.

Viewing Payments
Step 1 – Select menu button
Step 2 – Go to “Earnings”
Step 3 – Select whichever year and period you are interested in viewing
Step 4 – Your payment info will populate on screen in PDF format. It will show your earnings.

If you prefer not to use the app, you can also do all of the above at You can’t access this portal until you’ve finished onboarding. That’s it. Super easy. As always – if needed call, text, or email anytime if you have questions.

Please enroll by 5pm Wednesday to receive a deposit Thursday.