dlivrd’s “Connect 2 Core” Program

As a part of our continued commitment to social responsibility in 2023, we’ve implemented the “Connect 2 Core” Program for all bicoastal difference makers in our Philadelphia and San Diego offices. Each full-time member of dlivrd (including our CEO!) is required to complete a catering delivery and set-up for clients in their local market each quarter.

Our Founder & CEO Chris Heffernan completed an ezCater pick-up and delivery at Zoe’s Kitchen for a local Philly-area customer yesterday! Difference makers are supplied with catering bags, order and delivery instructions, and keep the earnings they make from the delivery! Additionally, dlivrd will take double of whatever the difference maker earns and contributes it to a charitable organization or cause of their choosing.

Chris selected the Jenkintown Food Cupboard for his donation, as we’ve continually supported their efforts for combating food insecurity in the local community. It is especially important to use our platform to continue to address this social issue, especially with thousands of people we’re able to impact and connect with in 94 markets across the U.S. and Canada.

“Our Connect 2 Core Program adds another dimension to our ‘Don’t lose local’ pillar. We are able to better enhance our understanding of what thousands of independently-contract Earning Partners do on a daily basis. Furthermore, we are able to gain valuable feedback from restaurant partners and make connections in the local community. It’s very important to reinforce the idea that to be a well-rounded difference maker, you need to experience the catering delivery process first-hand from start to finish. This is something that our coordinators, team leads, and even myself as the CEO benefit from.” – Chris Heffernan

San Diego-based Logistics Coordinator Diana V. completed her required order yesterday as well! “I ended up taking on an order that an Earning Partner canceled. As a Logistics Coordinator, this experience making a Rubio’s delivery was rewarding! I was able to see first-hand what I work to coordinate from start to end on a daily basis.” Diana’s contribution of her choice went towards St. Francis of Assisi in Vista, CA!

Logistics Coordinator Diana V. dropping off her Rubio’s delivery yesterday in San Diego, CA!
CEO Chris Heffernan picking up his “Connect 2 Core” delivery at Zoe’s Kitchen in Philadelphia, PA!