dlivrd, an international white-label delivery service provider, is announcing a new strategic partnership with Ecologi, a B Corp certified environmental organization, to fund reforestation efforts and offset mileage accumulated on a monthly basis from independently-contracted Earning Partners.

“We acknowledge our growing responsibility to proactively monitor and mitigate environmental implications with our rapidly-expanding company. Therefore, we look forward to partnering with Ecologi to put dlivrd on the path toward climate positivity in the new year. Aligning with partners that share our values is the core of our corporate social responsibility mission,” says Founder & CEO Chris Heffernan. dlivrd’s first donation covered November’s mileage equivalent to 40 tonnes of CO2 emissions, and 8,500 trees (equivalent to 100 trees in each of their 85 markets). Their Ecologi profile can be viewed here.

dlivrd’s partnership with Ecologi to address carbon footprint is a major launching point of their corporate social responsibility initiative to be fully implemented come Q1 of 2023. Below is dlivrd’s corporate social responsibility mission statement and related pillars:

Mission Statement: Our mission at dlivrd is to balance the byproducts of our deliveries by taking responsible, sustainable actions aimed at improving the world around us.

Social Responsibility Pillars:

  1. Align with partners that share our core values.
  2. Proactively monitor and mitigate any potential negative consequences that may arise from our rapid growth.
  3. Continuous commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging for our dlivrd team and all partners.
  4. Don’t lose local. Support small businesses, organizations, and the communities in which we operate.

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