dlivrd Small Business Spotlight: CustomBoxes.io

We are honored to feature CustomBoxes.io‘s very own Amanda Pharis for this blog post! dlivrd prides itself on aligning with partners that share our core values. CustomBoxes.io embodies sustainability, efficiency, and dependability. We send thousands of packages out monthly, so it’s important that we choose a provider that uses recycled materials and is as committed to corporate social responsibility as we are.

How We Started

If you ask my business partner or I to talk about boxes – we can and will for hours! We believe in sustainability, affordability, and supporting small businesses. By aligning our practices with these values, we create a win-win situation for everyone involved. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that we provide shipping and packaging solutions that don’t harm the planet. Our affordability focus makes custom printed boxes accessible to small businesses with limited resources. Moreover, we understand the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, and we’re dedicated to helping them succeed. Our team has over 40 years of experience in eCommerce and customer experience design, we are always excited to talk about how printed boxes can become a marketing channel for small businesses!


Large, fully digital printing methods have their own significant environmental consequences with
excessive material and energy waste. In contrast, our sustainable printing approach revolutionizes the industry. We use eco-friendly materials and employ innovative technologies that reduce waste, minimize energy consumption, and decrease our carbon footprint. Our box components come from American box manufacturers and reduce the shipping impact of using non-domestic products. By opting for black ink printing, we further reduce the use of resources without compromising the visual impact of custom designs.

Collaboration with dlivrd

Partnering with dlivrd early in CustomBoxes.io’s launch, we were able to learn a lot about logistics and shipping. Working with other small businesses like dlivrd, we’ve been able to streamline the printing and delivery process, ensuring efficient and timely service to our clients. Additionally, it has been a rewarding experience collaborating with Founder & CEO Chris, and we’re excited about the the positive impact we can make together in providing a sustainably-printed box for dlivrd’s shipments.

Our Business Model

Our business model focuses on affordability and sustainability. We have developed efficient printing processes and leveraged economies of scale to offer custom printed boxes at competitive prices. By focusing on black ink printing, we have significantly reduced costs while maintaining the quality of the designs. We’ve worked hard to refine our processes, source eco-friendly materials, and build strong relationships with our clients. It’s been amazing to witness the success stories of small businesses that have benefited from our affordable custom printed boxes.
Because of this, sustainable printing is no longer a distant dream for small businesses. Our company’s core values of sustainability, affordability, and support for small businesses drive us to provide custom printed boxes that make a positive impact without breaking the bank. We invite small businesses to join us on this sustainable journey, making a difference one box at a time!