dlivrd February Local Spotlight: Videographer Eric Heiland

Where it all began!

My first videographer project with dlivrd in March 2020 was filming a feature on Denver driver George Demos! Since then, my journey with this incredible team has been nothing short of remarkable. From capturing the inspiring dlivr-ing Gifts for Grads stories of high school graduates overcoming adversity to sharing Chris’ unique origin story tied to a cheesesteak in Florida, each project has been a deep dive into the essence of dlivrd’s commitment to community and local businesses.

Moreover, the welcome and collaboration from the dlivrd team have always made me feel like an integral part of their mission, enhancing our creative journeys together.

From Denver, to Philadelphia, to Colombia and back!

A recent highlight was traveling to Colombia with the team, capturing the fusion of cultures and the human connections that define dlivrd’s ethos. This trip, especially the unforgettable salsa dancing at the restaurant Tulum, underscored the importance of face-to-face interactions in our increasingly digital world.

Throughout these four years, my partnership with dlivrd has significantly honed my storytelling skills, allowing me to explore documentary filmmaking through the innovative lens of a tech company. I am eagerly anticipating our next ambitious project, a seven-episode web series focused on the catering process, promising to deliver rich insights for business owners.

Final thoughts!

Being spotlighted by dlivrd is an amazing honor! Working with the dlivrd team, my favorite client, has been a highlight of my career. Their recognition is not just an accolade but a testament to the shared values and goals that brought us together in the first place!

Videographer Eric Heiland at work!