December Earning Partner Spotlight: Michelle C.

This month, we’re highlighting Earning Partner Michelle Cesare from Long Island, NY!

How long have you been working with dlivrd?
Three months!

What does your journey into the gig economy/dlivrd look like?
I felt as if my time at my W-2 job was coming to a close. I needed additional income on top of my W-2 job so I started in the gig economy working the popular delivery apps. I was able to establish a source of steady income on my own schedule while regrouping in life. I began my online presence with a website and working those initial on-demand gig apps led me to the catering world. I also did grocery delivery as well. Right now my goal is to grow my small business of personal shopping and grocery delivery while completing higher-paying catering deliveries with dlivrd. I also have my own YouTube Channel (HomeBaseIncome101 – check it out here) where I upload videos to discuss my experience utilizing different platforms. I learned of dlivrd from other gig workers in my area. I’ve met a few of them in-person and built relationships in the field. I actually got a comment on one of my videos about dlivrd from an Earning Partner also named Michelle. We were able to connect at the dlivrd Long Island Engagement Event and talked for most of the day!

What does the #dlivrddifference mean to you?
The ability to have high-quality earning opportunities that fit your schedule. I like the fact that dlivrd reaches out the day before so you can plan your day around delivery offers that come in. There are also reminders within the easy-to-use dlivrd app, and the support team available via phone to check up on you during the pick-up and delivery process. Transparency with dlivrd is above and beyond. I recommend dlivrd to any interested gig worker.

Do you have a favorite dish from a restaurant you’ve completed a catering delivery for?
I really want to try Guac Shop! It’s very popular here on Long Island and I’ve been told by others in the catering delivery business that they have quality food. There are a handful of locations near me so plenty of opportunities to try!

What advice would you give to new Earning Partners?
It’s important to look presentable and be respectful when handling dlivrd orders. A lot of the deliveries are to professional corporations and businesses, and it’s very different from on-demand, residential deliveries. It’s also recognizing that you’re in different types of atmospheres with each catering delivery and you need to be able to communicate with everyone you come across – from the restaurant staff, all the way to the customers accepting the orders. For example, if you’re in a doctor’s office, you are likely to see people at the front desk multitasking, so being respectful and patient is especially important if they’re busy or dealing with people who are sick.

Fun fact about yourself?
My long-term goals are to build my online website, collaborate with like-minded people, and connect with more individuals interested in the gig economy through my YouTube channel!

Make sure to check out Michelle’s YouTube channel at the link below: